These pages are intended to provide updates, resources, hints and tips, and other things Compo related. They will be worked on as and when I find time. Please note that they are not in any way connected with Clares Micro Supplies or APDL.


Find out about Compo and how to download a demo version.


Some images created while using Compo. In many cases they were created simply to test features and as such have very little artistic merit!

Images are all supplied in JPEG format - which inevitably reduces image quality. The originals are naturally true colour smooth.


A rudimentary page of hints. Things I think that perhaps you think Compo couldn't do. :-)


Compo related links.


A comprehensive reference manual written by Lenny. You can download a zipped version of this for offline viewing by clicking here. Updated 7/12/2003


small animation
Those brave souls interested in having the very latest bugs :-) can go here to download an update patch to give you the latest public beta. Please note that you must have a recent, full version of Composition.
The update will not give you a functional application when merged with the demo or with versions of Compo earlier than 1.20.
Updated to version 1.23c 3/6/2005

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