Example of the saturation function.

Example of Fades.

Example of Shapes.

Example of Hue shift.

Example of sharpness/filter function.

Combination of emboss, shape, tint & saturation used to change the image.

Example of shape over a tiled background JPEG.

Example of pointillist effect.

Example of pointillist output. Settings were... Shape:Circle Type:Darker. Width, Height 20. Clear first OFF. Gaps -20,-20.
NB. The original 2560x1920 JPEG took several minutes to process on an Iyonix.

Compare original and variation (introduced in version 0.29).

EXIF info overlay via a drawfile template (introduced in version 0.29).
Masking examples
Masked fades, shapes and borders example page (introduced in version 0.30).